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Wednesday, March 6




"Teacher, how do I become a...?" Spark your students' interest by introducing them to exciting careers North Pavilion 6Noah Doppelt • Ben Gwynne A Classroom Business Approach to Teaching Special Education Outside of the Box Saint AndrewKim Hasty • Katie Ricketts Classcraft: Using Game Theory to Engage Students North Pavilion 2Allison Ferguson Engineering Challenge: 3D Printed Electric Go Cart South Pavilion 6Jon Salaban Explore How to Improve your Classroom management Skills North Pavilion 3Terry Kass Innovative Curriculum Resources: Innovation and Inspiration in Education TurnberryLeah Brock • Rod McQuality Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning North Pavilion 5Danielle Brucci • Kristy McCabe New Parenting Requirement and FACS South Pavilion 5Nancy Bitner Nine Step Data-Driven Program Review Model MuirfieldDerrick Burress • Sebastian Kapala PWR Transitional Math: Updates on Implementation Pebble BeachKathleen Almy • Hamilton Angelique Running a career day event on a Donut budget North Pavilion 4James Malec • John Tadla Sell Me Math- A Formula for Entrepreneurship North Pavilion 1Erin Mancini • Chris Manila Social Emotional Learning in CTE through Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Building Authentic Practices using Student Voice South Pavilion 3Wendy Custable • Molly Gosline Student Buy-in to Your Program with Student-led Donors Choose Projects: Raise Money to do the Cool Projects You've Been Dreaming Of! BremenNichole Folkman Unified Ratatouille: Collaborative Teaching Model Integrating students with Disabilities in Family and Consumer Science Classes Samuel TinleyAnnette Gullidge What do a computer, a stick of balsa wood, and a KREG jig have in common? You can find them in our middle school STE"A"M/CTE program. South Pavilion 4Kevin Boltz • Chris Horan Featured Speaker South Pavilion 1Dave Shepard Unlimited Possibilities: Office 2019 South Pavilion 2Corinne Hoisington



All day - daycare to keep teachers in the classroom and to inspire new teachers. North Pavilion 6Trish Meyer • Rachel Shirley • Joel Steger Creative and Quick Formative Assessments Pebble BeachLeslie Nardini • Kristin Schwarz • Kelley Whitescarver Doing PLTW projects using the 3D printers. South Pavilion 4Derek Cappaert • Eric Lasky Ed360: From Viewing Data to Supporting Students TurnberryPete Bultmann • Kara Mernaugh Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Classrooms Samuel TinleyAimee Julian Engaging School Administration, Staff, and Students in Promoting and Implementing Successful CTE Programs Saint AndrewRhoda Patterson • Lindsey Richards • Tyler Tincknell • Lateefa Harland Young Engineering real world solutions while making NGSS aligned lessons relevant and engaging to students South Pavilion 5Joe Muskin • Jessica Perez Free Online Career Plan and Resume Building Tools to Help Students Reach Their Career Goals North Pavilion 4Latoya McRae • Natasha Telger Future of Career and Technical Education North Pavilion 5Marci Johnson • Whitney Thompson GIVE ME 20 APPS! Learn 20 FREE Fun Applications used to engage and assess students in and out of the classroom. MuirfieldPatrice Boyles • Rabashia Wright Student Led Culinary Classroom Roundtable Discussion South Pavilion 3Rachel Flood • Brittney Ghezzi Teaching Entrepreneurship through a student-run business North Pavilion 1Tricia Campbell Teaching Math Concepts in a Manufacturing Classroom North Pavilion 2Tom Kaiser • Scott Schultes Technology in the Classroom- Using computers to hook them and educate them. South Pavilion 6Beth Stephens • Wendy Streit The Evolution of Jobs...where does CTE fit in? North Pavilion 3Leah Brock • Linda Walker Featured Speaker South Pavilion 1Dave Shepard Shattering Stereotypes of Girls in CTE Pathways South Pavilion 2Corinne Hoisington


Apprenticeships in the Classroom- A New Partnership to Expand Career Opportunities in Illinois BremenGriffin Goetz • Brian Rick Bringing the Research to Life: The Multigenre, Multimedia Service Learning Project TurnberryCassey Attebery • Valerie Kline Empower students through goal-setting and reflection North Pavilion 3Eric Bjornstad Google Classroom: Introduction & Advanced Features North Pavilion 2Courtney Alexander • James Rose Impacting Illinois Equity - what is a civil rights review? Samuel TinleyCasey Anderson • Aimee Julian Inside Look at Early Childhood Education Pebble BeachStaci Hubley-Taylor • Carolyn Knuth Learning Maps to Promote Student Engagement and Understanding Saint AndrewChristopher Anderson • Brian Whalen Pair up CTE with English (or any subject) to develop Rapport, Motivation, Relevancy & Critical Thinking in order to foster intrinsically motivated and trustworthy readers, writers, presenters, and hard-working young... North Pavilion 4David Ligman • Kirk Macnider Rebel Mart: A Coffee Shop run by students with Severe and Profound Disabilities to build vocational and independence skills North Pavilion 1Brad Hohs Strategies To Increase Student Engagement: Co-op Learning, Team Building, and Tech Tools to Engage Students in any subject area North Pavilion 6Michael Burgoni Supporting CTE through Title programs North Pavilion 5Claudette Davis • Marci Johnson • Lazell Logan You Want Me to Teach HOW? Inspiring Innovation and Risk-taking with Backwards Design MuirfieldEmily Coklan • Jenni LaBrie • Elisabeth Siedentop-Wing Shattering Stereotypes of Girls in CTE Pathways South Pavilion 2Corinne Hoisington Featured Speaker South Pavilion 1Dave Shepard Beyond the School Survey South Pavilion 6Glenn Krause • Anna Weselak Homeland Security's "Stop the Bleed" South Pavilion 4Karen Aldworth • Nance Budde Ice Truckers: "The Martian Cargo Rover" South Pavilion 5David Hernandez Innovate, Create, and Flip Learning with GOOGLE CLASSROOM, Mate! South Pavilion 3Damian Petty • Natasha Smith


Beyond the Classroom: Financial Independence, Culture of Service & Entrepreneurship North Pavilion 1Asia Ousley • Cynthia Saucedo Career Advisors: A best bet in helping students decide their futures! Northwest Educational Council for Student Success North Pavilion 6Nancy Awdziejczyk • Jan Brottman Employability Skills: The hardest to define, teach, and measure..Until now! North Pavilion 3Eric Hill Google Chrome Extensions North Pavilion 2Courtney Alexander • James Rose Increasing Student Engagement Through Certifications MuirfieldJeremy Edwards Maximizing Efforts to Increase Dual Credit Across Chicago Public Schools BremenJoseph Halli • Amy Romito • Mitchel Staroscik Mindful Teacher; Mindful Classroom Samuel TinleyAndrew Meyer Open Program: Making cross curricular connections real Saint AndrewCole Davidson • Kimberly Radostits PUT YOUR STUDENTS IN THE SPOTLIGHT TurnberryTrish Meyer • Dawn Palmer Rosenbaum • Linda Walker Raspberry Pi coding and robotics Learn about the $10 computer that can be programmed to run a robot, alert you of Twitter tweets, and automate student projects and models. The cost is low but the possibilities are... North Pavilion 4Mark Evans Unpacking High-Quality CTE Programs North Pavilion 5John DeWeese • Steve Parrott • Mehaffy Whitney Vision + Energy = Success: Developing a Student Mindset for College & Career Planning Pebble BeachMarion Stewart Virtual Reality is Revolutionizing the Health Sciences South Pavilion 2Corinne Hoisington


Thursday, March 7



#TogetherWeMakeaDifference- How our students are learning about careers. BremenSeth Hettel • David Travis • Melissa Wojowski Are they Ready to Grow? Infuse a Growth Mindset along with Technology into the Entrepreneurship Course to Improve Engagement! North Pavilion 1Jamal Maatuka • Diane Mahinda Benefits of Effective Co-Teaching MuirfieldRyan McCann • Mary Jane Tupper Broaden Students Horizons: Highlighting how transferable skills can bring in so many more opportunities into your classroom. North Pavilion 3Gina Schuyler Don't Lose Focus, Clean the Lens… A snapshot of how to refocus child development courses North Pavilion 6Emma Brandt • Tess Buchberger Effective Classroom Management that Works TurnberryYolanda Grandberry-Pugh, Ed.S Gateways ECE Credential Level 1 High School Samuel TinleyMegan Barton Leveraging the Junior Achievement Partnership: EFEs, districts and JA Saint AndrewCassie Blickem • Cindy Jonke Motivate Your Students through Gamification North Pavilion 4Patty Sarkady Plan - Do - Study - Act: Using Data to Create Short Cycle Goals for Student Growth North Pavilion 5Elizabeth Hand Say YES to student teachers: How to mentor a student teacher Pebble BeachHeather Monson The Full 360: Virtual Field Trips for Cultural Awareness and Real-World Connections North Pavilion 2Amanda Skinner Featured Speaker South Pavilion 1Michelle Dillard Begin With Their Culture: A Culturally Responsive Approach to Trauma in Schools South Pavilion 2Dwayne Williams Engage Your Students With Digital Lessons Using the Deck.Toys Online Canvas South Pavilion 6Mike Curta • Lydia Loureiro Implementing the NGSS: Three-Dimensional Teaching through Story lining South Pavilion 4Jason Crean • Kristin Rademaker Mini Design Sprint by: Future Design School South Pavilion 3Nick Aguina • Lisa Berghoff




Discover-Y: What's your "Y"? Career exploration via community and interdisciplinary collaboration. BremenMaura Kenny • Katie Perkins • Jamie Swenson Entrepreneurship Across the Curriculum North Pavilion 2Jackie Brown • Angela Drenth • Patti Ertl Mentoring and Leadership in a Dual Credit Course TurnberryLakisha Hillard • Carol Valentino-Barry Personalize Your Instruction Through Flipped and Blended Learning Videos North Pavilion 5Jason Hlavacs • Blake Sauders Postsecondary and Career Expectations (PaCE) Overview Pebble BeachSara Espinosa • Kalene Heaton Problem Based Learning Experience MuirfieldBill Lehotsky Quizlet Quest: Learning and Growing with Quizlet Study Sets and Games North Pavilion 3Shelby Moss • Julie Wilson School-wide Approach to Career Readiness North Pavilion 6Jennifer Durbin • Rachel Tohme Sit Down and Shut Up! (jk!) Classroom Management in the CTE Environment North Pavilion 4Nick Chatterton • Terri Cummings Social Emotional Learning Strategies/ Mindfulness in the classroom Samuel TinleyMichelle Youngberg Supporting your classroom financially through use of student driven print shop. North Pavilion 1Heidi Beck • Lori Hedges Using Apps in the High School Math Classroom Saint AndrewRobert Knilands Featured Speaker South Pavilion 1Michelle Dillard "Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are," The Roosevelt Model. South Pavilion 6Ariel Anderson • Julie Blume Island Engineer-ity - Designing and building islands the "STEM" way! South Pavilion 5David Hernandez SEL standards integration supports employer identified needs South Pavilion 4Kevin MCClure Take back your data! Create Mastery Managers Better than Mastery Manager with Google Sheets South Pavilion 3Troy Doetch The Struggle is Real: Strategies to Help Students of Color Make Responsible Decisions South Pavilion 2Dwayne Williams